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Are you out of hot water in Mesa, AZ or the surrounding area? There’s not a feeling that’s much worse than turning on the shower, only to find that the water is icy and it’s going to stay that way. Instead of stressing yourself out about it, though, just call the plumbing service experts at The Plumber for water heater service in Mesa, AZ.

Our expert plumbers are always ready to help you whenever you need hot water heater help. We can perform repairs and installations, and we can help you make sure that you have the very best water heater for your home.

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Water Heater Repairs

If you need water heater repair, give us a call at The Plumber. We’ll work on your gas heater, your electric version, or even your tankless system. We can also help you if you have a less common system, like a hybrid water heater or a heat pump system.

Our experts will come out and assess your water heater fast. When we find the problem, we’ll come up with a plan to get your hot water back.

Your hot water heater may need repair even if it’s technically still working. Here are a few early signs of water heater problems. Call us as soon as you notice these and you may not ever have to go without hot water.

  • Your water heater makes popping or clanking noises.
  • Your hot water heater leaks.
  • You run out of hot water too soon.
  • Your hot water is actually lukewarm.

Water Heater Replacement & Installation

Sometimes, it’s cheaper to replace your hot water heater than it is to repair it. If this is true for you, we’ll let you know and then you can choose what’s best for you and your family.

Regardless of whether you need your hot water heater repaired or need a new water heater installed, we’ll get to the bottom of the problem so you can keep your hot water flowing!

Water Heater Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your water heater can help it last longer and give you more hot water as long as it’s around. Contact us at The Plumber to ask about water heater maintenance in Mesa, AZ or the surrounding area. We’ll take care of your water heater and make sure it’s ready to keep heating your water for a long time. If we find any problems, we’ll let you know and get them fixed fast!

Types of Water Heaters

We can install both conventional hot water heaters as well as tankless ones. Conventional versions are what you usually think of as a water heater – a large cylinder that holds all of the hot water for your home. This type can be energy inefficient because it has to continue heating your water all the time.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters heat your water as it is needed. There’s not a continual use of energy because it only works when you turn on the hot water. Some people worry that they will have to wait a while for their hot water, but this isn’t usually true of modern models. These can, however, be more expensive than conventional models for the initial install.

No matter which type of hot water heater you want, we’ll help you choose one that’s right for your home. We’ll consider the size of your home, how much hot water you usually use, how happy you are with your current water heater, and more. Then we’ll recommend one from a brand that we know and trust. Finally, we’ll get it installed just the way the manufacturer intended it.

Mesa Water Heater Pros

Call us at The Plumber today with all of your questions about hot water heaters, or for water heater repair or installation! Our expert water heater service in Mesa, AZ and beyond will get your hot water back on soon!

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