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Plumbing Installation

When you’re looking for plumbing installation in Mesa, AZ, or the surrounding area, reach out to The Plumber. Our plumbing service experts can handle all your needs regarding replacements, upgrades, or additions. We’ll make sure you get something that is from a trusted manufacturer and that is perfect for your needs. Give us a call today to get started on your plumbing installation project in Mesa!

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Plumbing Products We Install

At The Plumber, we install a wide variety of plumbing products, from pipes and fixtures to sinks and bathtubs. Below are some examples of our common plumbing installation projects.

Faucet Installation

Do you want a faucet with one handle or two? Does it need to mount on the wall, pull down, or have special features like a motion detector or a touch sensor? Our plumber in Mesa, AZ, and the surrounding areas can accommodate all of these requests and more. Our faucets are offered in a wide variety of finishes, including stainless steel and bronze.

Toilet Installation

We want to help you find a toilet that matches your needs and sets the standard for quality and performance. We offer everything from a basic toilet to tech-savvy models in almost every shape and size. Looking for something with a germ-free, no-touch flushing mechanism? We can even handle that.

Sink Installation

Whether your new sink is in your kitchen or your bathroom, we know that you need it to look good and work well, too. That’s why we offer gorgeous, stylish sinks that are known for their quality and long-lasting performance. We are sure to have something that suits both your style and your budget.

Shower Installation

When you need a new showerhead or an entirely whole new shower suite, we will help you get the look and the functionality that you need at a price you can afford. Our shower options cover everything from the simple and basic to the luxurious. Let us come get a feel for your style and see what we find for you!

Our Plumbing Installation Service

Whether you are replacing old parts or remodeling and upgrading your plumbing, we can help to make sure the process goes smoothly. Our plumbing company will come out, take a look, and lend their expertise regarding designing and installing things. We can also help you pick out products that are high quality and that will work best in your home.

Plumbing Replacement

If it’s in your best interests to replace part of your system, rather than frequent plumbing repairs, we’ll always let you know. We never want to see you in a situation where you repair the same problem over and over if a replacement could solve it once and for all! If this happens, we’ll help you select new pieces that will work well in your home and last for a long, long time.

Once you agree to the replacement plan, we will get started. We carry a lot of parts and equipment on our trucks, so chances are good that we won’t have to go buy anything for you. Our plan is always to get the job done as soon as we can, so you can get back to your regularly scheduled life without worrying about an emergency plumbing situation.

Plumbing Installation FAQs

One of the telltale signs is if you’re having increasingly frequent emergency plumbing problems, especially if they involve the same issue, part, or water-based appliance.

Not at all. Even if you’re planning a plumbing remodel, the work can be done in stages to keep costs in check and minimize disruptions around your home.

Our technicians will gladly offer our recommendations based on your budget, water usage habits, home size, and other factors that can help you make well-informed decisions.

Today’s plumbing products are designed to be highly efficient and durable. These factors alone have the potential to give you savings that add up over time by reducing water usage and boosting efficiency.

Call us once you notice even smaller issues so we can conduct the necessary repairs before further damage occurs. Routine plumbing checkups can also be beneficial.

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Whenever you call The Plumber, you can expect top-quality plumbing maintenance and installation in Mesa from our skilled and experienced team. Our experts use quality craftsmanship and top-rated products to solve all your plumbing needs. We will always be honest and straightforward with you and treat your home as if it was our own when doing plumbing installation service there. 

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