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A slab leak is a plumbing leak that occurs inside or underneath a poured concrete slab foundation. Due to the inaccessible location, a slab leak may go undetected for a long period and cause extensive problems for the property owner.

Thankfully, the crew at The Plumber is standing by to respond quickly if you suspect a slab leak at your home or business. We’re equipped to provide slab leak detection and to repair leaks even in out-of-the-way areas, and we look forward to becoming your plumbing team of choice.

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Warning Signs That You Have a Slab Leak

The most common signs of a slab leak include unexpectedly high water bills, damp or warm spots on flooring, unexplained cracks in the concrete, and visible water seeping from around the foundation. In structures with basements, water or sewage may also collect in sumps as well as other low spots. In severe cases, the sound of running water may be detected and the foundation may be undermined as flowing water from the leak carries away the supporting soil.

Importance of Early Slab Leak Detection

In addition to serious foundation damage that could result from undermining, constant exposure to moisture, or both, an unaddressed slab leak can promote the growth of mold in and around the structure. If the leak involves a sewage line, the nearby soil and groundwater could also become polluted by untreated wastewater.

Benefits of Professional Slab Leak Repair

Without the right equipment and proper training, executing even a minor slab leak repair is nearly impossible. The staff of our established leak detection company boasts more than 100 years of collective plumbing experience, and we can quickly carry out the necessary repair work with minimal impact on the structure’s residents or employees.

How Our Slab Leak Repair Works

Our crew tailors our leak repair services to fit each situation. In some cases, we install a new pipe in a different location to circumvent the damaged pipe. We’re also capable of tunneling under or chipping into the existing concrete in order to access the pipe. Trenchless pipe relining is another technique we offer that may be an appropriate remedy for some slab leaks.

Why Hire The Plumber

Queen Creek is one of Arizona’s best-kept secrets. The warm weather provinces a cozy atmosphere for residents and its natural recreational riches make it a wonder to behold. But if your slab is also keeping a secret leak in its underbelly, make sure to call on The Plumber. Whether we’re called on to provide water leak repair or any other plumbing repair service, our personnel take a detail-oriented approach to the task. We specialize in furnishing quality workmanship using high-end parts and components, and we give back to the communities that we serve with 10% off for our military, first responder, and senior clientele. We also supply free estimates on every job, and many of our individual services and package deals come with special pricing and discounts.

If you believe that there’s evidence of a slab leak at your property, call The Plumber LLC to book a complimentary estimate for slab leak repair in Queen Creek, AZ, or elsewhere in the vicinity of Mesa, CA. We’ll gladly answer your questions and offer to consult with you during our next open appointment slot! Schedule your appointment by calling us or filling out the online form today.

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