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Whether you’re looking at bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, or making other plumbing remodeling moves in Tempe, call us at The Plumber to get the job done well. We’ll work with you to find the solutions you need, no matter what you’re looking for. No matter what you’re looking for in a remodeling contractor, our Tempe plumbers have what you need.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom is fun! After all, it can be like getting a whole new room. Often, you’re getting rid of stuff that you don’t like, too.

However, a bath remodel can also be expensive and stressful, especially if something goes wrong or if you feel like you don’t trust the people doing the work.

That’s why you should call The Plumber whenever you tackle plumbing remodeling in Tempe. We will ask good questions and listen well, so we can determine what you need and want in your new bathroom. We’ll also help you come up with a cost prediction for the work, so you’ll have a reliable estimate for your project.

If you aren’t sure which fixtures you want to install for your bath remodel, we can find ideas for that, too. We’ll work with you to make sure everything is in line with your taste. We’ll also consider your budget, to ensure that we don’t ask you to spend more than you want to spend.

When we’re finished, you’ll have a bathroom that you love and you’ll be one step closer to living in the house of your dreams!

Kitchen Remodeling

We’ll do anything you need us to do to get your kitchen remodel in Tempe up and running just the way you like it. Most of the time, we help with the following types of projects. These can provide a springboard for your ideas about what to do with your kitchen.

  • Install brand new sinks and faucets. Upgrading your kitchen sink to a farmhouse-style sink is a common kitchen remodel move. We’ll make any changes to your plumbing, then get the new sink installed, too.
  • Move plumbing lines and/or gas lines. Some people find that the way their kitchen is organized doesn’t make sense to them. We can help you get everything relocated in places that are perfect for the ways you move around and use your space.
  • Install new water lines. Do you have a new fridge that needs a water line but nowhere to hook it up to? We’ll get a new water line installed so you can use your fridge.
  • Help you expand your kitchen. Are you adding onto your home and moving the kitchen or making it bigger? We’ll help you get your plumbing in order for your addition so you can use the new kitchen easily.

Call your remodeling contractors at The Plumber today, or whenever you want to do some bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, or another plumbing remodeling project in Tempe. We’ll be there soon to get your home the way you want it fast.

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