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Slab leak

Common Misconceptions About Slab Leaks

A slab leak can be a handful to deal with as it entails tedious–and oftentimes costly–repairs. It can stem from various causes such as incorrect installation, corroded water lines, and chemical reactions between soil and plumbing metals might all contribute to leaks. At The Plumber, you’re sure to get top-quality services for slab leak repair in Mesa, AZ, and its surrounding areas. Our company provides superior plumbing services to our customers.

Here are common misconceptions about slab leaks that every property owner should take note of:

Concrete Prevents Leaks

Even though you might assume that pipes buried in the foundation are safe from damage, pinhole leaks might still develop due to rust. Pipes in older homes, particularly those built before the 1960s, are susceptible to damage. Slab leaks could occur for years without anybody noticing, undermining the slab and the foundation as they slowly erode the earth.

Slab Leaks Don’t Leave Signs

Contrary to popular belief, you can detect slab leaks. They can be identified by a good leak detection company through several telltale signs, including fissures in the flooring, damp patches, and abnormally high or low-temperature areas. The persistent, eerie sound of flowing water is another indicator. A sudden inexplicable spike in monthly water consumption should raise red flags.

Professional Detection Services Don’t Work

Some don’t believe that slab leak detection works. This is false. The average household wastes 14% of its annual water supply due to leaks. This amount can soar due to a slab leak, but hydrostatic pressure tests and cutting-edge video inspections can help plumbers locate the source of the leak fast.

Slab Leak Repair is Expensive

Another common misconception is that water leak repair from slab leaks is expensive. The fact is that you are more likely to spend more if you put off slab leak repairs. At The Plumber, we ensure that the solutions we propose to our clients are cost-effective. The technology we employ is first-rate and we have the needed experience to provide foolproof solutions.

If you ever need a reputable plumber in Mesa, AZ, The Plumber is here to help. You can count on us to provide top-quality leak repair services no matter how big or small the issue. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!