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Do you need drain cleaning in Mesa, AZ, or the surrounding area? Do you suspect a drain problem but you’re not sure how to diagnose it?

At The Plumber, we have drain service experts standing by with all of the tools necessary to figure out your problem and get a solution in place so you don’t have to stress about it anymore.

We’ll unclog your drain fast so you can get back to your regular schedule. Rely on our team whenever you have a clogged drain that just won’t go away.

Signs You Have Clogged Drains

If you have sewage flowing into your home or you can’t use any of your drains, it’s usually pretty clear that you need a drain cleaning in Mesa, AZ. However, your drain may have some other problems, too. Many homeowners don’t realize that these also indicate an issue that requires sewer and drain services.

If you notice these signs or you have an emergency related to your plumbing system, call us right away! We offer 24/7 service for critical issues.

Do I Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services?

We talk to a lot of homeowners who aren’t sure if they need professional help with their drains. Sometimes, it’s hard to know if the problem is bad enough to bring in a Mesa drain cleaning pro. While we are always happy to help you with all of your drain cleaning services, we recommend calling for help in the following situations:
It’s key to get on drain problems fast because otherwise, you can end up with sewage in your home. This damages walls, floors, furniture, and more. Avoid these emergencies when you get in touch at the first sign of a problem.

Our Drain Cleaning Service Process

When your sink backs up, we’ll look for the clog in the pipes below it. If your tub isn’t draining, we’ll try to find the clog through your drain. Most of the time, these are relatively small clogs – though they can be stubborn! – and we can clear them easily.

All of our plumbers travel with professional-grade plumbing snakes and hydro jetting equipment to clean out these types of clogs. We’ll thread the snake through your drain until it encounters the clog, be it hair, grease, or something else, and we’ll either remove the clog or break it up so it can continue on down the line. Your water should drain well again and your drain cleaning in Mesa will be complete.

Drain Cleaning FAQs

How does professional snaking work?

Drain snaking is done by inserting a flexible cable with a specially designed head into a blocked drain. The auger head is manipulated either manually with a handle or mechanically.

How often should home drains be cleaned?

If you’re not seeing signs of drain issues, we recommend having drains in your home professionally cleaned at least once a year.

What can be done to prevent clogs, backups, and other drain-related problems?

In addition to scheduling annual cleanings, we recommend not putting things down your drains that tend to contribute to clogs and backups. This list includes cooking grease, larger food items, and products like baby wipes and hygiene products.

Can I just clean drains in my home myself?

Minor cleanings with vinegar or baking soda and hot water are safe drain cleaning methods. Otherwise, it’s best to give our drain cleaning company a call since our technicians have the tools and experience required to safely and thoroughly clean and clear drains.

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Our Drain Cleaning Methods

In addition to snaking and auguring, we offer many types of drain cleaning in Mesa, AZ.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting involves using specialized equipment to shoot pressurized streams of water into your pipes or sewer lines. Our plumbers in Mesa, AZ are trained to use this equipment to break up a variety of clogs. It can deal with everything from tree roots blocking your sewer lines to grease buildup on the walls of the pipes.

Hydro jetting is also minimally invasive and allows us to get in, get things cleaned, and get out without taking up too much of your time!

Pipe Descaling

Water and solid debris flow through your pipes every day. Over time, this water will deposit minerals on the inside of your pipes. The minerals can trap small pieces of debris. Over time, this becomes a hard coat around the inside of your pipes, called “scale”. Layers of scale can build up until your pipe diameter is compromised.

This causes all sorts of plumbing problems. If it happens in fresh water pipes, you won’t be able to get the water you need. If it happens in a sewer pipe, the line can back up or you can have all sorts of drainage problems until you proceed with descaling your sewer pipe.

When we descale pipes, we remove these layers until your pipe’s inner surface is clean again. This allows for water and debris to flow freely so you don’t have plumbing issues anymore. Often, hydro jetting is used to help descale pipes.