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How often do you think about your water heater? It’s likely in your basement or an out-of-the-way closet, and if it works well, it’s essentially unnoticeable. But if it’s not heating water properly, you likely think about it all the time.

That’s why The Plumber offers hassle-free water heater repairs and replacements in Mesa, AZ, along with other services specifically designed to keep your water heater well-maintained. We have 25 years of experience on the team and understand how to recommend the best possible solutions for your water heater. Contact us today if you notice a problem or would like to discuss which new water heater will best suit your needs!

Types of Water Heaters

Water heaters are not one-size-fits-all. Certain types of water heaters are better suited for small homes than others, for example. You may want to adjust which type of water heater you own based on the number of people in your household, the available energy sources, the amount of money you have to invest in your new water heater upfront, and more. Let’s talk through two of the main types of water heaters and their benefits.

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater is typically better for small homes or condos. These devices are wall-mounted and take up minimal space compared to their traditional counterparts. They heat water on-demand, which means that so long as you don’t outpace the water heater’s rate, you can have unlimited hot water.

Tankless water heaters are more expensive to install, but they don’t typically cost as much to maintain as other water heaters. They can run on either gas or electric power.

Traditional Storage Water Heaters

A storage water heater has a tank that contains a certain amount of water heated at all times. You can purchase tanks that scale to the size of your home and the expected hot water usage. These types of water heaters are widely available and on average, less expensive to install than tankless water heaters. They also run on both gas and electric energy.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair or Replacement

When a water heater malfunctions or fails, it usually provides at least one of the following signs that require the attention of a plumber:
We highly recommend seeking out water heater repair in Mesa as quickly as possible once you notice a problem. Especially when you notice an issue like a leak, there may be residual water damage to surrounding areas, like the floors or walls. Rust or contaminants in the hot water could be unsafe, and if the water temperature is constantly unpredictable, you may be at risk of scalding yourself. It is better to get the fix now, rather than wait for something bad to happen.

How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

A water heater has about a 10 to 15-year lifespan. Some tankless water heaters last longer, remaining functional for around 20 years. It is possible, though, for a water heater to deteriorate faster if you do not perform the proper maintenance. This is why it’s so important to call a professional like The Plumber for an inspection the moment you notice something is wrong. We can determine whether your water heater would benefit from repairs, or if you need a full water heater replacement in Mesa, AZ.

Our Water Heater Services

At The Plumber, we offer three main categories of water heater services, as listed below.

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Replacements and Installations

Maybe you’re replacing an old, worn-out water heater or perhaps you’re making the switch from a traditional water heater to tankless. Water heaters can be installed in less than a day, so you’ll be set up with a new one in no time.


Pipe bursting allows pipes to be up-sized by as much as three times the size of the original pipe in some instances. So, we can choose to install a larger-diameter pipe if this is what’s needed to handle capacity more efficiently.


We recommend annual maintenance for your water heater. While you may be able to perform certain maintenance tasks yourself, we do suggest collaborating with a professional plumber who can make informed decisions about the ongoing condition of your water heater.