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Plumbing fixtures

Energy Saving Plumbing Fixtures Every Household Must Have

With energy prices skyrocketing, it is only logical to want to shift to energy-saving appliances. An energy-efficient home is a surefire way to minimize the daily cost. Contrary to popular belief, fixtures add up to overall energy consumption. Therefore, an efficient plumbing system is one option to consider if you want to ratchet up your savings.

From your most trusted plumber in Gilbert, AZ, here are the energy-saving plumbing fixtures every household needs to have.

Insulated Pipes

Hot water systems are essential, especially in the winter. Uninsulated pipes lose energy when transporting the water, thus increasing energy costs. So why not consider insulating all hot water pipes in the house? Homeowners may consider insulation as part of vital plumbing repairs and upgrades for reduced costs down the line.

Low Flow Water Faucets

When the old faucets in the house become leaky, emergency plumbing services become necessary. Low-flow water faucets reduce the water utilized per minute, significantly lowering household water consumption. Such measures translate to considerable savings in water bills yearly.

Why Inefficient Plumbing-Systems are Costly?

Collectively, a low-efficiency plumbing system can have a huge impact on overall household expenditure.

In general, inefficient water-system fixtures will lead to:

  • Skyrocketing utility bills
  • Compromised health and safety
  • Significantly higher carbon footprint

A household may own appliances that are of an older model. Other than being inefficient, such devices may have toxic substances that pose health risks.

Some water-system fixtures that may be considered inefficient include:

  • Older toilet models that use a lot of water while flushing, leading to water wastage
  • Older shower heads that require large amounts of water to attain good water pressure
  • Leaky faucets
  • Old pipes that slowly leach into the water used in the house

The Plumber is the premier plumbing company you can count on to assess your household and establish areas where savings can be made. Reach out to us today for more tips on saving energy and using efficient plumbing fixtures!