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Pipe Descaling

Are you experiencing a wide variety of plumbing problems? Has a plumber told you that you need to descale your plumbing pipes but you’re not sure what that even means?

At The Plumber, we would love to help you with all of your pipe descaling in Mesa, AZ, and surrounding areas needs. We’ll assess your lines, then get right to work. In the meantime, here’s what you should know when it comes to having us descale your plumbing pipes!

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What is Pipe Descaling?

Water and/or solid debris flow through your pipes every day. Over time, this water will deposit minerals on the inside of your pipes. The minerals can trap small pieces of debris. Over time, this becomes a hard coat around the inside of your pipes, called “scale”. Layers of scale can build up until your pipe diameter is compromised.

This causes all sorts of plumbing problems. If it happens in fresh water pipes, you won’t be able to get the water you need. If it happens in a sewer pipe, the line can back up or you can have all sorts of drainage problems until you proceed with descaling your sewer pipe.

When we descale pipes, we remove these layers until your pipe’s inner surface is clean again. This allows for water and debris to flow freely so you don’t have plumbing issues anymore.

How to Get Your Pipes Descaled

There are a few ways to descale plumbing pipes in Mesa, AZ. Our plumber in Mesa, AZ are experienced in deciding how to descale pipes, based on how much scale exists in them and what type of pipe it is. For instance, descaling a sewer pipe is often done differently than an indoor pipe.

Most of the time, we utilize pressurized water or chemical solvents to get rid of scale. Using the water is called hydro jetting. We’ll aim for a pressurized stream of water at the scale until it breaks up into small pieces. Then, we’ll flush the scale from your pipes and wash it further down the line so it can’t cause future problems. Whenever possible, we’ll avoid putting chemicals into your fresh water pipes!

Mesa Pipe Descaling Pros

The first step to descale your plumbing pipes is to give us a call. At The Plumber, our reliable plumbing company we’ll get everything flowing freely through your plumbing once again, no matter what it takes. Fill out our online form to schedule your pipe descaling in Mesa, AZ with one of our experts today!

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