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Common Plumbing Scams to Look Out For

It’s already a pain to deal with plumbing issues that often compromise the safety and comfort of your home. The last thing you need is to fall prey to fraudulent plumbing services, leaving you with an even bigger mess to clean up. Our expert team at The Plumber shares some scams you should know about.

Companies Offering Free Inspections

We’re not saying every plumbing company offering free inspections is a scammer. Still, it’s essential to be wary of services too good to be true. Many times, dishonest plumbers will claim they found dozens of problems with your plumbing and pressure you into buying services or products you don’t really need.

High-Pressure Sales Tactics

A legitimate plumber in Gilbert, AZ won’t pressure you to decide. Instead, they’ll provide you with a quote or assessment of any work required and give you time to review it. Watch out for companies that try to rush you into signing a contract on the spot.

Lack of proper paperwork or licensing

Unlicensed contractors may offer lower rates upfront but could leave you with shoddy work or even more costly plumbing repairs down the line. Always check a plumbing business’ credentials before agreeing to work with them.

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