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plumber fixing toilet problem

How to Fix Common Toilet Problems

Some toilet issues are fairly easy to repair yourself, while others require the help of a professional. Read on to learn about some common toilet problems and how to fix them on your own!

How to Fix a Running Toilet

If your toilet runs all the time, the first thing you should do is check the flapper. If it’s not sitting properly on the flush valve, water will leak and the toilet will just keep refilling. Flappers are very easy to replace, though you may just need to reset it.

If that’s not the problem, ensure the water level is low enough so that it’s not flowing into the overflow pipe, and then refilling. If this is the issue, reset the water level on your refill valve. 

How to Repair a Loose Handle

If the handle on your toilet is loose, tighten the handle mounting nut that’s on the inside of the tank. You may need two sets of wrenches or pliers to do this properly. Most mounting nuts have reverse threads, so you’ll need to turn it counterclockwise, instead of the usual “righty tighty” to tighten it. 

If the lift wire or chain inside the toilet has come loose, just reattach it to fix the problem. 

How to Fix a Leaky Toilet

If you have a leaky toilet, in that there’s water pooling around the base of it, stop using the toilet until you can fix it. Most of the time, the toilet will need to be removed so that the wax ring that provides a seal for the toilet can be replaced. Just make sure that before you start the repair, you wipe up all the water and dry the floor, as this water is usually dirty and contaminated.

This is not overly difficult to do, and doing it yourself could save you some money, but if you’re not comfortable, we recommend calling a plumber.

How to Unclog a Toilet

The obvious thing to try first is plunging the toilet. Make sure your plunger has an internal flange as this helps create a stronger, more airtight seal. You may have to plunge several times, up to a minute or two, before the clog moves. 

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can try using a chemical solvent to dissolve the clog. Be sure to always follow the directions on the bottle to make sure you’re using it properly.

If you’re unable to fix your toilet or you don’t want to deal with a broken toilet yourself, give us a call at The Plumber! We’ll handle your toilet repair and any other plumbing problems you’ve been dealing with!

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